Monday, 2 April 2012

NOTD - 1930s manicure!

Hello Beautiful People! Wanted to share my Nails of the Day (Nails of the weekend, actually) before I cahnge my manicure!

I wanted to try an authentic 1930s manicure. Black and silver were very common colours used back then but you can use any two colours you want. Bear in mind though that for an authentic feel, go for a lighter and darker colour in the same family - for example red and pink (another common colour combination). If you use tdifferen colour combos it will look much more modern.

Sometimes 30s ladies would only do the half-moons in the lighter colour, but a lot of the time they would actually do the half-moons and the tips. I freehanded my nails because I had no guides, but you can, by all means, use guides, especially for the half-moons!

Apply the lighter colour all over the nail first (I used two coats of Lucer-tainly Look Marvelous by O.P.I.) and allow to dry. If you're using guides, I'd recommend applying one coat of a top-coat to avoid the stickiness of the guides possibly damaging the bottom colour. I skipped this step because I went freehand.

Next step, apply the darker colour over the center of the nail, leaving the lighter colour showing at the half-moon and at the tip. Try to keep your lines clean and even. I used Black Magic by Milani. Once everything is completely dry, apply one or two coats of Top Coat - I used Seche Vite.

Et Voila!!

Until next time! Sexy back-in-time nails and happy thoughts,

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