Thursday, 10 May 2012

New Hair!!! (Part 1)

Hey Beauties!!

I finally got my hair cut. I was soooo ready for a change.

I'm going to do a blog post on my hair journey over the last 2 years, which is the period of time that I have done the most experimenting with looks that I have ever done in my life. Stay tuned for that!

Here's my new haircut!

It's short all the way around, shortest at the very back, and then the top is longer, cut to fall naturally to the right (which is how my hair fall naturally anyway). The top is very layered to add texture. I am super happy with the cut, especially since I couldn't find ANY photos to illustrate what I wanted. I just described it as best I could to Maria, my hairdresser, and she asked for guidance as she went along. Within 10 minutes, she had nailed it!

Maria did this cut completely with scissors, only using the buzzer to clean up the hairline along my neck. This is my hair freshly cut, air-dried and just a tiny dollop of Bed Head Manipulator fingered through it whe it was almost totally dry.

My mom went with me to the Hairdresser, and went from having hair half way down her back to this:

Once again, Maria did the entire cut with scissors, only using the buzzer to clean up the edges. Mom also has Bed Head Manipulator fingered through her hair, but it her case it was done while it was still wet.

Just thought I'd add a few shots of my hair cut from the sides and back since some of you guys have been asking!! These were all taken just after I washed my hair, it's toweled and fingered through.

I'm looking forward to doing a semi faux-hawk and playing with my new hair!! Part two happens next week...I'm getting a hot pink (maybe with some purple) chunk in the longer part of my hair!! Wheeeeeeeeee!

Stay tuned for the video of both parts. And stay tuned for my Hair Journey!

Don't be afraid to experiment with your hair. It will grow back, and it's the most versatile accessory we own. just be sure to keep it healthy, and have fun!

Love, scissors and wax,