Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Playing Catch-Up - Milky Way Nails

I'm so very behind...I've got two FOTDs and one NOTD for you guys!! I'll start with the NOTD since they're the most recent - I just finished this mani today and I love it!!

I just spent a few nights at a beach house with some friends on the East Coast of BArbados. It's gorgeous out there, and at night, because there aren't as many lights, the night sky is absolutely breathtaking. You can see all the stars that you normally can't see, and you can actually see the wave of the Milky Way. So I drew my inspiration from that and came up with this mani. It's taking the Ombre technique to the next level. There's definitely a gradient of colour, as you can see, but I've got a ton of texture in there with three different types of glitter polish in layers!

 These are the polishes I used (along with Orly Bonder as a basecoat and Seche Vite Top Coat) From left to Right (which is the order in which I applied them): Milani - Black Magic, Slick Holographic Glitter polish - No Name, Milani 3D Holographic - HD 509, and NYX Nail Polish - 162 Fizzy Spots.

I applied one thick coat of Black Magic and let it get almost dry. Then I used a makeup sponge to apply a thin layer of the Slick polish, which is a mix of small and medium holographioc glitters in a clear base, not terribly dense, on the top two thirds of the nail, let it dry, and repeated that on the top half of the nail. Then I used the Milani 3D, a very dense, fine holo glitter polish, on the sponge along the top third of the nail, let it dry, and repeated just along the free edge of my nail. When that was completely dry, I gave the entire nail one thick coat of the Fizzy Spots. It's large hexagonal holo glitter and a small holo glitter mixed in a black jelly base. I wanted to tone down all the other silver a bit, and also if you apply the Fizzy Spots too thin the large hexagonal glitters won't transfer to the nail.

Try it out! This would look awesome on a dark blue or purple base as well. Have fun!

Happy Milky way nails,

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