Thursday, 12 April 2012

Quick Modern-1930s Manicure

A little while ago I was all enamored of the 1930s Manicure and I did a Classic version using black and silver polish. Right after that I created this more modern version of a 1930s Manicure using the same silver as the first mani, and the Neon Nail Lacquer from Milani in the the colour Fresh Teal. What's modern about this mani is the teal colour and the fact that only the half-moon was kept silver. Once again, I free-handed my half-moon!

My only real issue with these shots is that the teal nail polish photographs much more blue that it actually is in real life. it's quite a strong turquoise green colour. Above was daylight, indoors, w/ flash. Below was taken in nighttime, w/ flash.

Direct sunlight, no flash.

Indirect sunlight, no flash.

Hope you enjoyed that quick Manicure post!! Till next time,

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