Friday, 13 April 2012

NOTD: Blue Ombre!!

Maybe I was inspired by Day 10 of Nymphette's FOTD Challenge, because today when it came time to do my nails, I immediately thought of doing an Ombre Manicure!

Ombre nails is an awesome trend that's been gaining popularity for the last 18 months or so. It started with just creme or matte colours, moving from light to dark, with the lightest colour being on the thumb. Then people started reversing it, and now they're also doing ombre as the gradation of colour on each individual nail. Of course, shimmers, glitters, polish is off limits for this look!

I started with a coat of Orly bonder Rubberized Baseecoat. I then chose Blues for my Ombre nails, and I went for polish with a slightly shimmery or sateen finish. The colours I used were (from left to right, in order from thumb to pinky):

Milani - Pool Party (3 coats); Color Club - Emerald Depths (2 coats); Milani - Bolting Blue (2 coats); O.P.I. - Yoga-ta Get This Blue! (2 coats); Milani - Midnight Satin (3 coats).
The Pool Party and Midnight Satin are fairly thinly pigmented polishes but I got full opacity in 3 coats of each. Midnight Satin is one of my favourite colours for a quick, dark-but-not-black manicure!

And I finished it up, as always, with a coat of Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat. Here's the finished manicure!

Indoor, natural light, no flash

 Indoor, daylight, with flash

I am LOVING this manicure!! I think I'm going to try another Ombre look, this time with the gradation on each nail. And I think I"ll use purples for that.

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Blue Ombre hugs,

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