Friday, 24 May 2013

REVIEW!!! Maybelline Mascaras

I recently got all three of these mascaras. Check out my previous post on my haul!

Yes, I know, I'm late to the party, but I could never find these in Barbados.
But here's my review on these three bases on my experience with them over the last few weeks.

Mayebelline The Falsies Volume Express Waterproof 

Maybelline The Mega-Plush Volume Express

Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Black Drama Waterproof

Needless to say, since I am a mascara lover (because I have wimpy, pathetic little eyelashes), these were the first things I busted open to try.

The photos above (borrowed from the internet - thanks google!) are actually in order from my favourite to my least favourite.

Of course every company makes ridiculous claims about their products. Maybelline claims that with these mascaras you'll get lashes that look like Christy Turlington's in the photo. Bear in mind she's wearing several layers of actual false eyelashes. It's a mascara ad!! 

So I'll break each one down by what they claim, what I found in my experience using them, and what I love or don't love about them. For the  product claims I'm going from the Maybelline website because since these were brought in for me by friends, the packaging was removed to avoid customs charges.

The Falsies
The Claim: 300% more visible lashes, corner to corner. Special 'spoon' brush (read: a curved brush which has been 'flattened' so the bristles are shorter in the belly and underside of the curve and longer on the sides) and flexible wand.

By "visible lashes" I assume they mean both longer and thicker, and therefore easier to see?

I prefer waterproof mascaras because they hold the curl better in my lashes because they dry quickly. I don't know what the washable version of this mascara is like, but this one is the absolute BOMB.

The first time I tried it was on uncurled lashes, and I was astonished by how suddenly my lashes were curling upwards! At first, I applied this mascara kind of the way that you're supposed to apply the lash stiletto, constantly pushing the wand through , turning it to get more product as opposed to putting on several coats. I've also used it in coats, though, and I still don't get any clumping problems. 

I like the curve of the brush and though I was skeptical about the longer-shorter-bristle thing, it seems to be a good call because it is easier to get into the corners and on the lower lash line with the shorter bristles. 

It's the formula of this mascara that I love. It's on the thinner side, which means it doesn't really clump, but it dries quickly.

Wearing The Falsies (One coat!)

I'm also a fan of lots of lower lashes, and this mascara gives me lower lashes รก la Kim K.

The lashes don't feel too hard or too thick, but they do look thick. 

My only cons with this one is that I don't know if I like the flexible wand, it just doesn't feel stable to me, and also The Falsies is honestly is a bitch to remove. But with everything else it has going for it, this is my new favourite mascara.

The Falsies Black Drama
The Claim: Extreme matte black. 300% more visible lashes, corner to corner, no gaps. Spoon brush, flexible wand.

This one is my least favorite in the bunch. 

It is very black, and very matte. It does make my lashes look much thicker along the base of the lashes. 

I don't know what the matte finish has done to the formula, but this mascara seems very dry and powdery to me. I know quick-dry mascara is supposed to be a good thing, but this dries TOO fast. It almost comes out of the tube half-dry. As a result, I find that it gets clumpy on me before it does any lengthening at all. The "no gaps" thing is crap. Your lashes will ALWAYS have gaps. That's why they're called lashes, not 'fur'.

Wearing Black Drama (two coats)

This mascara doesn't hold the curl as well as The Falsies, maybe because the dryness makes it a little heavier. Again, it thickens at the base but it's very hard to get it moved through the lashes properly, and I really don't feel like I get the length.

This doesn't give me the lower lashes that I'm after either, again because of the dryness of the formula. Same peeve with the flexible neck and the difficulty to remove. Perhaps the brush should be different? It's the same spoon brush but maybe the combination of the dry formula and the spoon brush just don't really work together and well as the brush works with the original Falsies.

I know I sound critical, but this is a good mascara, great for thickening, and it really is a lovely inky black. So perhaps if you already have long lashes, or if you're using it to marry your own lashes to a strip of real falsies, this might work beautifully

The Mega-Plush
The Claim: Mega volume, gel-mousse formula, never brittle or flaky.

I like this mascara. the gel-mousse formula is thin, and I find that it dries quickly, and hold a curl nicely.

I don't find that it gives mega-volume though. I found the volume and lengthings to be a little less than The Falsies, to be honest! But Mega-Plush does lengthen and thicken. It doesn't clump too much either. It's decent on the lower lashes, but I've been spoiled by the Falsies.

Wearing The Mega-Plush (two coats)

I think the brush doesn't need to be quite so fat, and this one has the most flexible neck of all. It makes me feel like the brush is going "doiiinnnggggggg" every time I pull it through my lashes. LOL!

But I do very much love the gel-mouse formula. I wear this mascara during the day or for more natural looks like in the pic (I wasn't wearing foundation or eyeshadow!). It is quite clean, and I love that it doesn't really clump, even after a few coats. 

Also, somehow, this mascara is also hard to remove. It's not just water-washable.

All in all I do like these mascaras, I think they're awesome drugstore buys, and I would buy them all again. they have their pros and cons, but I think The Falsies (the original) is the best mascara I've tried recently.

Hope that was helpful!

Do you like my reviews? Should I do more?

Blessings and lots of lashes!


  1. Love you're blog and your awesome make-up skills and style!

    I love that 1st Falsies mascara and I also found it difficult to remove, but I found the Maybelline Expert Eyes Moisturizing Eye Make-up Remover worked best. What worked best for you?

    1. Thank you so much for supporting, I'm so glad you like my blog! I find that the Clinique Makeup Solvent and the Nivea Makeup Remover work great.