Friday, 23 March 2012

MockingJay Eyes

I am so very excited about this tutorial for a number of reasons! First of all, I absolutely LOVED the Hunger games Trilogy. I read all three books in just over 24 hours. And yes, I read very quickly as a rule, but I really just could not put them down! Now the movie of the first book is out TODAY!!!

There have been several Hunger Games inspired tutorials on Youtube in the past few weeks. Check out a few of my favourites:

Angie's Avox Tutorial

Heather'sCapitol Looks Part Un and Part Duex

Leesha's District Series

SO I was wondering what I should draw my inspiration from, and then I hit on the answer. The MockingJay! You have to have read the books to understand the significance of this little bird.

It's a pixie-like, elegant little black and white bird, and I had fun trying to echo the lines of the bird's body in my eye makeup.

I thought of the MockingJay's forked swallow-like tail and her peaked crest and sharp little beak and came up with this sort of eye shape.

The eyes from the front. I'm super proud of this look! One special (and very important) element of this look is the very faded eyebrows. I wanted a slightly more exotic, other-worldly feel to these eyes, and I achieved that by making my eyebrows all but disappear. All these photos are completely unretouched, by the way!

 The rhinestones are my special tribute to Rue, the 12 year-old Tribute from District 11. The MockingJay is important to Rue as well. I was picturing Rue and the flowers. Again, you must read the book! I refuse to give any spoilers! So the rhinestones stood in for flowers because I didn't want to get THAT literal, still wanted to keep an element of artistry.
 I forgot to stick my nose ring back in...I look so naked!

In the video, which you can watch below, I promised I'd show you a picture of the Dark Soul Pigment. See why it reminds me of lumps of coal, with the subtle sparkle?

You can watch the video here: 

Products Used:

Mac Paint Pot - Soft Ochre
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
Avon Big Color Eye Pencil - Night Glisten
NYX Eyeshadow - Geisha
MAC Pigment - Dark Soul
NYX Eyeshadow - Root Beer
LA Girl Fine Liner Pen - Black
MAC Fluidline - Black Track
CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara - Black
MAC Pro Longwear Foundation - NC40
E.L.F Complete Coverage Concealer Palette - Medium
LA Colors Loose Powder - Light/Medium
NYX Loose Face Powder - Cancun Tan
La Femme Hollywood blush - Sienna
NYX Eyelashes - #164
Duo Lash Glue
Clear Gloss
Nail Art Rhinestones - 1mm and 2mm

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May the odds be ever in your favour! (couldn't resist)

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  1. Very cool look. Personally I prefer the more side on look but very creative!


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