Monday, 30 August 2010

Shoot Accomplished!

I am soooooo tired but we had such an AMAZING shoot yesterday! Cathy was an awesome model, and the whole team worked so well together! Our only difficulty was time constraints...but we made it work!

Here are some of the Dry-Run photos from our makeup experiments that happened really late Friday night...We were doing makeup practice from around 11pm Friday till 2am Saturday!

It's really important to do these practice sessions, especially for really involved shoots and really elaborate makeup, because there are so many steps involved and so so so many different ways to accomplish one effect that you should to learn your model's face and figure out what works best, what steps you can leave out, what products work best, and so on.

Check out my last blog for what the concept of the shoot was. For the makeup for this concept, I decided that I needed to accomplish a 'plastic skin' effect, to make her look like a mannequin. She also needed to look a little sad since she had been discarded, and I decided I wanted her to look very angular because it gives the feeling of being molded, like a mannequin would be. I decided that I would 'erase' her eyebrows too, because then I could draw her eyebrows on higher and it would give the impression of a 'pulled' look and tight skin.

So here are some of the pictures from our Dry-Run.

The first is the contouring. Cathy looks like a ghost!

Now for the plastic skin and the covered eyebrows:

We didn't end up doing the bottom lashes like this because they made her too wide-eyed, but it was an idea. this is how you accomplish big wide-open doll-eyes.

A little brow bone definition. She does look kinda sad, especially with no eyebrows!

And we add eyebrows and lashes...

Finished! Of course I won't show you gotta wait till we get the shots from the actual photoshoot! But here's a side profile:

This makeup is actually a little more 'drag queen' than the final look on the day. Stay tuned for the final shots! They are incredible...Wait till you see how the costume and the hair and the makeup just all came together!

Until next time stay beautiful inside and out!

*I certify that all photos used in this post are my own*


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