Friday, 22 March 2013

Wow...It's been a long time!

I've been battling with having no internet or computer at home. Long story.

Anyway, I upload when I can. Today's post is about a fabulous photoshoot that I did makeup and hair for, featuring the bowties of Bajan designer Orlando Williams. THe photography was by ALyson Holder of 3rd EyE Photography.

The face was to be a somewhat updated rockabilly-type look, and the hair was meant to be modern, but inspired by the rockabilly look. Instead of a victory roll, which would have been expected, I went with the height that victory rolls added, but added to that the bee-hive look of the 60s, and made my own little modern, slightly messy love-child updo.

The makeup photographed differently in different light, but it was a gently contoured cat eye with winged liner. in the crease and outer 1/3 of the lower lashline I used hint of purple instead of just a neutral brown. I kept Shannon's beautiful natural thick brows. The skin was kept dewy, which is more modern than the flawless matte skin of the 50s rockabilly aesthetic. And we changed the lips to create different looks. Shannon is such a  chameleon that the change of lip changed her whole look. TO finish her off, I painted her nails a chic, timeless white, and we kept the bowties as the only accessory, which keeps the lines modern and clean and makes for no competition for the lovely bowties.

Nude lips and lightly dewy skin worked with the crisp white tuxedo shirt and allowed the silver sequined bowtie to stand out.

FOr fun we added these funky glasses and they made it a totally different, very swanky shot!

For the black and white lace bowtie, we chose a sexy black blazer with satin lapels and a plunging neckline, and went for a seductive pink stained lip and very dewy skin.

The flirty aubergine and black net bowtie needed to stand on its own so we went for bare shoulders, and for Shannon's lips I used black lipstick and purple eyeshadows to create a vampy look. This was the last look we did, and so I boosted the purples in the eye makeup as well. This is my favourite photo, because you get the full effect of Alyson's incredibly creative backdrop of black balloons.

This ultra-modern white lip I did on a whim, and everyone loved it. I actually used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk for the lips!. The skin was again kept extra dewy to play off the white lips. We paired it with an elegant white satin, black net and jewel-accented bowtie with the tuxedo shirt and the black blazer. This look ended up being my favourite of all.

Hope you enjoyed this! Please let me know what you think!

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